What is the Cybertech Global?

End of January, Elimity was present at Cybertech Global 2023, one of the largest cyber ecosystems, taking place at Tel Aviv, Israel.

πŸ“Tel Aviv, Israel
πŸ“… January 30th - February 2nd 2023
πŸ‘‰ +2.000 CISOs, Experts and Investors
🎀 +180 Security experts on stage;
πŸ’‘ Startups, scale-ups and corporations tackling the main security challenges!

Key takeaways

1. Cyber is hotter than ever

This year's edition of CyberTech broke all records. With over two thousand participants from all over the world, the venue was a bee hive of interesting talks, discussions and networking. 

Because of it's location, the presence of Israeli companies was strong. That being said, the sheer amount of Israeli cybersecurity expertise and companies remains impressive. The number of cybersecurity companies registered in Israel recently peaked at 469 and in a panel one of the Israeli speakers mentioned that Israel is seeking to train 20,000 high schoolers in cyber.


2. The cyber start-up scene keeps on growing

As IT and cyber attacks keep on evolving, so does cybersecurity.

This evolution was clearly visible in the start-up section of the venue. More than 30 start-ups showcased their solutions, with topics covering cloud security, identity security, governance, compliance and more. 

3. Largest trends: cloud security and identity security (often together)

The largest trends both in the larger vendors as well as the start-ups clearly were cloud security and identity security.

The trend of cloud security is a direct consequence of the ever-growing popularity of building applications in the cloud. The trend of identity security follows the modern cybersecurity paradigm of Zero Trust. Because Zero Trust heavily builds on a user's identity to verify and monitor approved behaviour, protecting that identity is more important than ever. 

From our personal point of view, the combination of cloud security and identity security stood out most. Solutions such as enforcing least privilege on admins in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud apply modern techniques such as machine learning in the context of Zero Trust. Smart, simple but effective solutions, that's exactly what we at Elimity stands for as well.

Fun Facts

Marketing keeps innovating as well

It can't be easy as a marketing team to keep on inventing something new to attract visitors to your booth, but some have done a marvellous job once again. Especially the bathtub full of black balls where you had to try to find the vulnerability-ball was a winner. Quite some cyber geeks got in touch with their inner child again 😊

It almost never rains in Israel...

...but it sure did during our stay there!

Apparently it rains approximately 10 days per year in Tel Aviv and we were looking forward to the sun as a break from Belgian weather. 

Unfortunately, 3 of those 10 days were the days of CyberTech this year. It's been some time since we've witnessed such thunder storms, but we were happy to hear that "the week before was incredible" πŸ˜†

Elimity in a nutshell

🌎 Elimity is a Belgium-based cyber tech scale-up; 
πŸ‘‰ Our platform provides visibility in your users and apps;
☁️ Integrating with all critical assets
πŸ“ˆ Reducing risks and compliance costs
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