Our mission is to eliminate user access chaos.

With as little effort as possible.

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What we developed

The Identity Data Analytics Platform

Elimity Insights is the Identity Data Analytics platform, which makes it easy to answer the ever-growing number of IAM data questions coming from all stakeholders. 

Employ the Elimity platform to provide analytics on top of your existing IGA, speed up the deployment of a new IGA, or as a lightweight form of identity governance all by itself.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Maarten Decat

Co-Founder and CEO

Eli Nazarov

VP of Sales

Chiel Haesendonck

Head of Growth

Christian Bartels

Sales Manager

Jasper Deflander

Head of Product

Yannick Stevens

Identity Solution Architect

Wouter Joosen

President Board of Directors

Wim Beazar

Board of Directors

Edwin Van Waes

Board of Directors


Backed by seasoned entrepreneurs and leading university and banks