How to Control User Access Without Full-Blown IGA?

User access governance projects have a history of incurring multi-year roll-outs and requiring specialised personnel.

Limitations of Traditional IAM Solutions

In today's evolving cybersecurity landscape, controlling user access is crucial. However, the traditional methods of implementing Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suites often involve extensive resources, high costs, and intricate setups, deterring many organizations from taking proactive steps.

What is Lightweight Identity Governance?

Elimity sees Identity Governance as a data challenge rather than a complex realm. This fresh perspective has given rise to what we call "lightweight identity governance". 

While it doesn't encompass all the features of traditional Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suites, our approach offers several key advantages:

  • Swift Insights: Get a quick view of crucial user access data for faster decision-making.

  • Risk Reduction: Prioritize and promptly address high-risk vulnerabilities, enhancing your organization's security.

  • Ease of Use: No need for extensive training or specialized expertise, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  • Cost-Effective: Achieve efficient control solutions without breaking the bank, ensuring a practical approach to governance.

This lightweight identity governance approach represents a departure from tradition, empowering organizations to achieve mature access governance with simplicity and efficiency.

How to Achieve Control of Users and Access With Minimal Effort?

This lightweight approach is designed to cater to organizations seeking to take control of user access without the burden of costly and time-consuming Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suites. We prioritize delivering the fundamental elements of user access governance:

1. Visibility: The first step is gaining complete visibility into your users and their permissions. Without this foundational understanding, effective access governance is nearly impossible.


2. Review and Cleanup: Once you have visibility, it's crucial to involve both IT and business stakeholders in the process. Collaboratively review and clean up user accounts and accesses, ensuring alignment with your organization's security and compliance objectives.


3. Continuous Monitoring: To maintain control over user access, Elimity's approach includes automated monitoring over time. This closed-loop data approach ensures that you not only establish control quickly but also sustain it effectively.

By following this approach, organizations can swiftly and efficiently manage who has access to what, all without the complexity and resource-intensive nature of traditional IGA suites.

[Success Story] Gaining Control of User Access in Days


How Fédérale Assurance enhanced its cybersecurity stance with Elimity

The insurance company needed to streamline its user access rights across new and legacy applications to securely enable its digital transformation.



Learn How to Achieve Mature Access Governance Within Days

Watch Webinar

In this session, Elimity CEO, Maarten Decat, will give an overview of the essentials of user access governance and will showcase how this approach is successfully applied in practice by industry leaders such as Securitas, the Belgian Railroads and Federale Assurances.


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