This was Elimity's Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022

Elimity attended the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022 by KuppingerCole in Berlin. Here are some of our key takeaways.

Elimity attended the KuppingerCole Analysts AG Cyber Security Leadership Summit in Berlin last week. The latest trends and best practices related to cybersecurity and leadership have been discussed, highlighting the importance of Identity and Access Management for organisations. 

IAM at the center of Cyber

Identity and Access Management has been well covered by the keynote speakers at the KuppingerCole event. Both the analysts and security experts at multiple organizations confirmed that IAM is crucial for all data driven organisations. 

As stated by Manual Garat, Head of IAM of Booking.com: 

📌Identity and Access Management is a the center of virtually any cyber incident; 
📌Access controls need to be in place and requires monitoring and effectiveness.

Presentation "Cyberhygiene is the Backbone of an IAM Strategy".Presentation "Cyberhygiene is the Backbone of an IAM Strategy"; Head of IAM Booking.com; CSLS2022. 

NIS for the Win

Mike Small, Senior Analyst at Kuppingercole Analysts explained to during his presentation "NIS2 Directive - What It is and Why You Need to Prepare" to the audience what the NIS2 Directive entails, the difference with NIS Directive 1 and why organisations should start today with building up their cyber hygiene. 

📌In comparison with the NIS1, the scope of “essential entities” include more sectors;
📌KuppingerCole Cyber Council 2022 identified 4 Key areas:
    • Cyber Hygiene
    • Cyber Resilience
    • Cyber Insurance
    • Board Training

📌Reporting obligations are applicable; 
📌NIS2 Directive comes along with “sanctions that bite”; 

Presentation "NIS2 Directive - What It is and Why You Need to Prepare"Presentation "NIS2 Directive - What It is and Why You Need to Prepare"; KuppingerCole Analyst Mike Small. 

We are looking forward to next year's summit, hope to see you there! 

Elimity designs sophisticated – yet easy to use – identity analytics software, which helps you to significantly reduce the risks of internal threats, while making suryou remain compliant with local and international laws.

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