data access management made transparent

Elimity’s next-generation access management platform ensures that
highly-regulated companies remain compliant throughout the coming years.

Elimity helps you

Understand Get business-level insights in your current security situation.

Verify Check whether you comply to business rules.

Enforce Directly fix incorrect access where needed.

Prove Prove compliance to regulation and business rules once and for all.

Elimity awarded Start-up Jury Prize at Fintech Belgium Summit 2017

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Our first year has been a thrill, the coming years we plan to go bigger and bolder.

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The key to effective access management

Understandable business-level access management across your infrastructure and organization

Integrates with your business applications, well-known or custom.

Builds on your existing security infrastructure, increasing its return on investment.

Provides the right tools for access management at enterprise scale.

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More security, less frustration.

For companies in any highly-regulated sector

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