How can you prove that you are in control?

As security team it is essential to show the management that you are in control of your employees and their access to valuable data.

Learn how you can prove control in this short tutorial video! 📹

5 key takeaways: 


1️⃣ IT complexity is increasing, requiring efficient management of applications and permissions.

2️⃣ Control over data access is vital for privacy, compliance, and cybersecurity.

3️⃣ Human governance processes aren't sufficient for real user access control.

4️⃣ Our guide helps you gauge and demonstrate your control using key indicators.

5️⃣ Leverage ISO 27001 and practical insights to validate your access management.


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How to prove that you are in control

✔ 8 Categories of identity indicators

✔ How to choose the right indicators?

✔ Based on ISO27001-framework



Test it yourself!

This identity indicator canvas is an interactive canvas, designed to help you prove that you are in control of your users and their access.


KPI-driven approach to IAM

Our guide walks you through everything you need to start using KPIs to improve IAM effectiveness.


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